About Us

Specializing in the production of propargyl alcohol, 1,4 butynediol and 3-chloropropyne


Basic Information

Founded in june2015, Henan Haiyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It is located in the chemical industry park of Taiqian industrial cluster. It has 233 employees, covers a total area of 102 mu, and has a total asset of 160million yuan. It is currently the largest propargyl alcohol production enterprise in China.

Main Devices And Production Capacity

The company has an annual production capacity of 1200 tons of propargyl alcohol and 2400 tons of butynediol. With an investment of 150million yuan, the project mainly includes: scientific research building, main control room, sewage treatment tank, gas plant, warehouse, storage and transportation area, refining workshop, synthetic plant, etc. At the beginning of construction, the company cooperated with domestic research institutions and scientific research institutes, adopted advanced distillation fine separation technology, improved the safety factor and prevented occupational hazards according to the world advanced level in production, and equipped five production lines in total. The whole production system operates under DCS automatic environment, which is an absolute leading level in the same industry.

The company's products propargyl alcohol and butynediol are important basic organic chemical raw materials, which are mainly used in the downstream industrial chain of organic synthesis and in the production of brighteners, industrial preservatives and petroleum corrosion inhibitors in the electroplating industry; Through the downstream extension of the industrial chain, it is an important intermediate for pharmaceutical synthesis and is also used for pesticide synthesis.


Corporate Culture


To build an enterprise with integrity, a city with quality and a business with service


Scientific and technological innovation, pragmatic cooperation, pioneering and enterprising


Unity, integrity, preciseness and efficiency, pursuit of excellence


To provide the best quality products for the society

Corporate Philosophy

Safety, environmental protection, quality, honesty and innovation

Adhere to the safe, green and sustainable development strategy, standardize operation, continue innovation, provide customers with the best quality products, provide employees with a platform for talent display and continuous improvement, and make more contributions to social and economic development.

It is our bounden duty to take customers as the center and provide customers with the best quality products and services.


Development Objectives

In close combination with the characteristics of the production technology of propargyl alcohol and butynediol, in-depth application technology research has been carried out to form an international advanced production technology; Increase scientific research investment, build professional technical teams for propargyl alcohol and butynediol, and develop downstream products of propargyl alcohol and butynediol; Create the brand of "Honghan Haiyuan" and build a domestic first-class and industry-leading modern chemical enterprise.

Development History

  • -2015-

    In January, 2015, the company was registered and established to initiate and file construction projects; In June, the project started construction.

  • -2016-

    In September, 2016, it took one year and three months to complete the project and start commissioning.

  • -2017-

    In January 2017, after three months of connection and balance and commissioning, the production unit was officially put into operation, and the sales revenue of that year was 79.84 million yuan.

  • -2019-

    In July, 2019, the company will carry out the technical transformation of product quality improvement and energy saving. The gas-fired boiler will replace the original coal-fired boiler, and the heat pump diaphragm rectification tower will replace the three-way evaporator. The product concentration and rectification process has reached the domestic leading level.

  • -2020-

    In 2020, after three years of stable and high-speed development, the company will prepare to build the second phase project, actively promote the R & D and production of downstream products of propargyl alcohol and butynediol, chloropropyne and solid butynediol, and expand product capacity, improve market competitiveness and enhance the company's comprehensive operation capacity.

  • -2022-

    In October 2022, the expansion project of propargyl alcohol series products of Henan Haiyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation, and the capacity of propargyl alcohol will reach 3000 tons. The company will become the largest supplier of propargyl alcohol production in China.