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What have we done from customer satisfaction to customer trust?

If customer satisfaction is a value judgment, customer trust is the behavior of customer satisfaction. Haiyuan chemical makes an effective combination of the two through high-quality product quality and first-class after-sales service.


Generally speaking, customer satisfaction is the direct comprehensive evaluation of the products and services provided by customers to enterprises and employees, and it is the direct evaluation of customers to enterprises. Recognition of products, services and employees. Customers evaluate products and services based on their value. Therefore, philipkotler believes that, "Satisfaction is the level of people's feeling state, which comes from the comparison between the performance or output envisaged by a product and people's expectations." from the perspective of the enterprise, the goal of customer service is not only to satisfy customers, but also the first step of marketing management. The chairman of Haiyuan chemical believes that we should not only make customers satisfied, but also explore those who are considered by customers to be able to Something of value that enhances our relationship. In the process of establishing long-term partnership between enterprises and customers, enterprises provide customers with "customer value" that exceeds their expectations, so that customers can be satisfied in every purchase process and post purchase experience. Every satisfaction will enhance customers' trust in the enterprise, so that the enterprise can obtain long-term profits and development.

Haiyuan chemical carries out an after-sales satisfaction survey on our cooperative customers every six months to understand whether our company can meet the needs of customers and give feedback on customer satisfaction, so as to solve the problems encountered by customers, strive to meet the needs of customers, and continue to improve on this basis, so as to improve customer satisfaction with the company and improve the overall image of the company.

We know that if customers are satisfied with the products and services of the enterprise, they will also spread their consumption feelings to other customers through word-of-mouth, expand the popularity of products, improve the image of the enterprise, and continuously inject new impetus into the long-term development of the enterprise.

Post time: Jul-29-2022