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Pale yellow highly toxic liquid 1,4-butynediol

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1,4-butynediol solid, chemical formula C4H6O2, white orthorhombic crystal. Soluble in water, acid, ethanol and acetone, insoluble in benzene and ether. It can irritate the mucous membrane, skin and upper respiratory tract of the eyes. In industry, 1,4-butynediol solid is mainly prepared by Reppe method, catalyzed by butynediol copper or copper bismuth catalyst, and prepared by reaction of acetylene and formaldehyde under pressure (1 ~ 20 bar) and heating (110 ~ 112 ° C). The crude butynediol is obtained through reaction, and the finished product is obtained through concentration and refining.

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1, 4 butynediol main uses: for organic synthesis, used as electroplating brightener.

1,4-butynediol can be used to produce butene glycol, butanediol, n-butanol, dihydrofuran, tetrahydrofuran γ- A series of important organic products such as butyrolactone and pyrrolidone can be further used to manufacture synthetic plastics, synthetic fibers (nylon-4), artificial leather, medicine, pesticides, solvents (N-methyl pyrrolidone) and preservatives.

Appearance: white or light yellow crystal white rhombic crystal (light yellow after moisture absorption)_ point:58℃Boiling_ point 238℃,145℃(2kPa)flash_ Point 152 ℃ refractive index 1.450 solubility soluble in water, acid solution, ethanol and slightly soluble in chloroform, insoluble in benzene and ether other properties solid butynediol is easy to deliquesce in air at 25 ° C, has the chemical properties of binary primary alcohol, and can also carry out addition reaction.

Physical and chemical hazards: in case of high heat, open fire or mixed with oxidant, there is a risk of combustion and explosion through friction and impact. At high temperature, if it is polluted by mercury salt, strong acid, alkaline earth metal, hydroxide and halide, explosion may occur.

Storage precautions: store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat source. Package sealing. It shall be stored separately from oxidants, alkalis and edible chemicals, and mixed storage shall not be allowed. Explosion proof lighting and ventilation facilities shall be adopted. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to produce sparks. The storage area shall be equipped with appropriate materials to contain the leakage.

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